Vada Medium Cap Fine Collection Lace Top Wig

This is a completely customized piece, cut, colored, and with knots bleached by Dani Russo, so if you like this one, you will want to grab it while you can!
  • 11 inches long bob-style cut (see pictures for more)
  • Medium cap fits  22-22.85 circumference 
  • 125 density of premium quality fine texture European hair. 
  • This beautiful Brunette is about a level 5 with balayage pieces running throughout. This wig is specialty colored, cut, and knots bleached by Dani Russo.
  • Single Knots throughout the whole lace top and front.
  • This wig does have bleached knots.
  • 3 x 5 transparent, high-quality Swiss lace top and front lace that goes ear to ear for a super natural hairline and lace that lays flat.
  • Hand plucked hairline for the most realistic look.
  • Closed wefted cap, with pressure-sensitive clips and adjuster. The stretchy cap is comfortable, breathes well, and has no bulkiness.

The model is 5'3", and the length tends to look longer on this model. Check the length and size using a fabric measuring tape to see how long the wig will be on you.

It is strongly recommended that you use sharp scissors to cut the lace. On our hair care accessories page, we carry lace-trimming scissors with a precise straight tip, perfect for getting close to the hairline. Always use sharp scissors while cutting to prevent fraying and damage to your lace.

What is included?

We understand the value of investing in a quality wig that retains its beauty and durability for a long time. That's why we go the extra mile to provide additional items to help you maintain your new hair.

  1. detangling comb
  2. lace wig grip
  3. a silk bag for storage