Dejaco Hair wants you to love your
wig and feel great wearing it!

Its never too late to have the best hair of your life.

Our wigs are incredibly natural and luxurious.  We use high quality super transparent Swiss lace. We hand pluck our hairlines for a super realistic and natural look. Some of our hairlines have lighter hair hand tied onto the front of the hairlines. Our wigs are 100% premium grade smooth, fine texture human hair. Our human hair density we feel is very natural and comfortable to wear. All of the hand tied section of our lace wigs, is all single knots . Each piece is given the time it needs so that all these details are the absolute best we can make them. Quality over quantity for realistic looking wigs and toppers. All these details we feel makes us different. We also offer exceptional customer service. We want you to love your wig and feel great wearing it.

We also service what we sell. Meaning if your wig needs repaired. Such as you tore your lace, or put a hole in your cap or need more hair added etc. We send them back to the factory for a quality repair. We want your hair to look the best it can for as long as possible. We realize wigs are a big investment. And we want to offer you the best service we can even long after your purchase.

Our wigs and toppers are super current with todays hair style trends.

Bleached knots and hand plucked, super realistic hairlines!