Is it Brown or Brunette?

Brunette hair is not just plain brown. It is a combination of different hues, shades, and highlights that aim to achieve a natural, realistic look. When you're under the sun, it naturally highlights your hair. In creating our lace wigs, we incorporate shades and tones for a more natural look. Our classic lace wig shades give off an elegant and sophisticated look that can be worn daily or just for that special event.

What fibers are Dejaco Hair brunette wigs made from?

At Dejaco Hair, getting the best natural look and longevity comes from using real human hair. Our lace wigs offer a natural look and feel incredible.  

Why use a glueless lace human hair wig?

Not only will you have the natural and realistic hair, our lace wigs are glueless. It is the perfect combination for effortless and flawless look, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful.