Fabulous Wig Hairlines - Dejaco Hair

Why Choose Dejaco Hair for a realistic hairline?

"The beauty of a wig lies in its ability to look real and natural. It is important that the person wearing it feels comfortable and confident, without anyone suspecting that they are wearing a wig. Only those who suffer hair loss can truly understand the sensitivity of this matter.

At Dejaco Hair, we create handmade wigs with a meticulous attention to detail, in order to craft a true work of art."

First-time wig buyers or those who have had bad experiences with poorly made wigs often find the process of choosing a wig overwhelming. Listed below, we will share the key elements we use for creating a natural-looking wig with a realistic hairline.

  • The cap, size matters!  It is important to have a good fitting cap so that it can help the lace to lay naturally and blend into your skin.  The size of the cap also dictates how the wig will lay on your head and we want your wig hairline to be where your natural hairline would be. We understand that choosing the right wig is important, and we're here to help. In each wig listing, we include the circumference measurement, and we're always available to answer any questions you may have. Our wigs come in sizes ranging from X-Small to Large, with Extra Large sizes available by special order. 
  • Hair color can add depth to your hairline. Even natural hair has more than one color, with many different shades visible if you look closely. Our aim is to provide this depth by using different levels of color, such as a range of colors or simple highlights.

  • Achieving a natural-looking hairline with the natural density, we use the technique of tiny single knots and hand-plucking for a more realistic and pleasing appearance.

  • Premium fine human hairs are hand tied into high quality swiss lace to create the same looking hairline that you would see if you pulled your hair back with your real hair. 

  • Bleached or colored knots are used at the hairline to help blend the hair to the scalp. However, bleached knots require more maintenance than colored or natural knots.

  • The density of the hair is a crucial factor that determines the natural look of your wig. It is essential to avoid heavy and thick hairlines as it can make your wig appear unnatural. Choosing a lighter density can help you achieve a more realistic look, as well as provide a comfortable and lightweight wig to wear.

Let's look at some of our wig hairlines, look for the density, color, and fine hair placement.  

Wig with beautiful ash blond with lots of color levelsThis wig has beautiful brunette with underlying blonde accentsThis wig is brunette with blonde and red highlights revealing a warm light hairlineMedium Blonde with highlights throughout on this wig stating a multi colored hairlineThis expressive dark blonde wig has lots of highlight framing the face from the hairlineDejaco Hair Wigs unbelievable hair color and hairline
Blonde Delightful hairline on this Dejaco WigBrunette with light brown highlights in and around the hairline