Our light weight density lace top wigs are comfortable and ultra realistic, giving you the ultimate look.   Regardless of your reasons for wanting to wear a wig, these wigs will give you that perfect look you have been seeking.

Our lace top wigs are made from premium human hair and come in a variety of different styles and rich color.    Discover the color and cut that suit you and your personality.    Helping you find the perfect lace wig is something we are eager to do.

Our lace top wigs have transparent high quality Swiss lace top and front lace, with a realistic natural hairline that is hand plucked for the most realistic look.  The stretchy cap is comfortable and breaths and doesn’t have any bulkiness.

We offer a wide selection of styles that come in various lengths and colors.    Highlights and different levels of color are present in many of our wigs to add depth without adding weight.  Once a week we add new styles to our inventory.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Natural hairline that provides a realistic look from ear to ear.
  • Made with 100% human hair 
  • Suitable for heat styling
  • Natural Fit with stretchy closed wefted cap, pressure sensitive clips and adjuster.
  • Great natural movement
  • Our hair is the same thickness from root to end
  • Wigs come with detangling comb, lace wig grip and silk bag.

Although human hair wigs are becoming more common for those with or without hair loss issues, coping with hair thinning and hair loss can be a difficult problem to handle.    We recognize that this experience may be sensitive, and we are here to support you. Our wigs are designed to provide you with the confidence you want on a daily basis.